Mission Statement

Woktron is a proud, emerging leader of professional and reliable web hosting services founded in 2010.

Our personalized web hosting, reseller hosting and Virtual Private Server products, operating from our Data Center in Northern France, encompass many home users to mid-sized businesses and even a few large corporations.

Our Dedicated Server products are placed carefully at premium datacenters in Amsterdam - the Netherlands, Roubaix - France, and San Fransico - USA.

We provide extensive management options to take the burden off your shoulder, and let you focus on what matters most. Our administrator team standing by do their job with a passion for detail, efficiency and security. Above all, we are passionate about you - the customer.

Woktron provides a wide array of features and addons for all your web hosting needs. From reliable domain registration services to the issuance of industry-standard SSL certificates. Our unique selection of options ensures your needs are thoroughly covered.

Not fully convinced to choose Woktron or want to know what distinguishes us from the myriad of other web hosting companies? No problem! Feel free to browse our site as much as you desire or visit our knowledgebase. Of course, if you have any specific needs or would like to see which plan is right for you, don't hesitate to contact us.

We care about you!

We enter a relationship with each and every client to ensure the best possible hosting experience. Access to our 24/7 help options, including our ticketing system, live onsite chat, and ofcourse via telephone guarantees your needs can always be communicated. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff ensures that our service continues its top-of-the-line performance, without compromise. We do not outsource or look for shortcuts when hiring our support staff. Our staff are strict native English and Dutch speakers.

We hope you enjoy your stay, here at Woktron Web Hosting

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