Thailand floodings

Woktron Bangkok offices are about to get inundated and because of this we will go offline starting november 13. We are currently in the process of moving all staff and equipment to a new temporary location and hope to resume our services as soon as possible. Woktron servers are not be affected and support can always be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Alternatively you can always call us at +66 820539974. We hope to have more information for you available shortly.

Special Promotion

Special Promo! WOKTRON offer now a 25% discount on our 'SMART' hosting plans! This full featured hosting plan is available now for only €2.50 per month. That's not all though. We also have a massive 20% off promo on our 'CHROME' reseller plan, which is now available at only €3,95 per month!

Main Woktron Site Transfer

In order to improve our services we will be transferring our main site to a new, highly capable dedicated server on the 23th of September. There should be no downtime and we will continue to be available thru support for any enquiries you may have.

Porting of Knowledgebase

The porting of our knowledgebase to our new hosting environment has been completed. Feel free to have a look here.

Implementation of new Billing Solution.

After test driving our billing solution these past few weeks, we are happy to report we have decided to implement WHMCS, as our billing and automation software of choice. This should make all procedures on this site more convenient and purchases can be completed instantly.

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