Yet another WHMCS exploit

This is getting beyond ridiculous at this point. Another exploit related to WHMCS billing software has been discovered.

It would appear that poor coding practices are the root cause of this.

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New WHMCS exploit discovered

We have taken offline our billing and support system due to a new discovered exploit with our billing system WHMCS, which appears to have come from the same source as the previous exploit.

We will keep you updated.

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vBulletin vulnerability discovered

vBulletin is a popular proprietary CMS that was recently reported to be vulnerable to an unspecified attack vector.

vBulletin is currently positioned 4th in the list of installed CMS sites on the Internet. Hence, the threat potential is huge.

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CA Nimsoft Monitor Snap Announced

CA Technologies announced on Tuesday the availability of a new monitoring tool, CA Nimsoft Monitor Snap, which allows users to monitor up to 30 devices for free.

The tool is a free version of its CA Nimsoft Monitor solution, and provides monitoring capabilities for network resources, physical and virtual servers, storage, and databases in a fully-integrated solution.

CA Technologies says its new tool is unlike other open source or free products for monitoring in that it can be set up quickly and can be managed from only one panel, rather than requiring multiple solutions to monitor each different aspect of the network. Open source monitoring solutions do exist, but it can require a large investment in customization.

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PayPal Study

Consumers Need to Be Proactive with Mobile Security: PayPal Study

Roughly half of respondents to a PayPal/National Cyber Security Alliance poll are comfortable with the idea of replacing passwords with biometric security options for their mobile devices. 53 percent of users are comfortable with fingerprint identification, while retinal scans lag slightly behind in comfort level at 45 percent.

The poll was conducted by Zogby in support of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and surveyed over 1,000 adults in the US.

The poll results highlighted the importance of mobile devices in the daily lives and everyday commerce of consumers. Two-thirds of those polled always keep their device one room away or closer, and one in six make 25 percent or more of their purchases on their smartphone.

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