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  DirectAdmin Controle Paneel
  • Geavanceerde technologie, eenvoudig te gebruiken, meertalige interface
  • Snel, extreem veilig, stabiel en flexibel
  • Geavanceerde functies voor gebruikers en beheerders
  • Compatibel met CloudLinux, KernelCare en Imunify360
  • Met 10+ jaar ervaring is Woktron de DirectAdmin specialist
Woktron is officieel partner van JBMC Software, de ontwikkelaar van DirectAdmin
€ 6.95 / mnd
licenties worden alleen verkocht in combinatie met Virtual Private Servers en dedicated servers
Free DirectAdmin access is included with our web hosting plans

DirectAdmin is een betrouwbaar en robuust webgebaseerd controle paneel dat is ontworpen om al uw webhostingstaken te vereenvoudigen.

Webhostingomgevingen evolueren voortdurend. DirectAdmin blijft op de hoogte van de meest geavanceerde oplossingen van vandaag. Wereldwijde trends en verzoeken van klanten worden geanalyseerd en de ideeën worden constant in praktijk gebracht. DirectAdmin wordt sinds 2003 ontwikkeld.


Installeer SSL-certificaten, Perl-modules. Controleer serverinformatie. Stel cron-taken, mime-typen en Apache-handlers in of schakel site-omleiding en domeinverwijzingen in via het gebruiksvriendelijke DirectAdmin-controle paneel.


  • Create/Edit Administrators and Resellers – Administrators can create, edit and remove resellers or users.
  • Reseller pakketten – Administrators can create predefined account packages. When creating an account, the administrator simply chooses a package instead of manually setting up each account.
  • Overzicht van alle gebruikers – This feature allows the administrator to quickly view each account on the system and sort this list in different ways.
  • DNS Administratie – Allows the administrator to create, modify, or delete DNS records on the server.
  • IP Manager – This is where the administrator sets and assigns the available IP address to users and resellers.
  • Managent van mail queue – Tool to see the mail queue and its messages. Includes tools to act on these messages.
  • Systeem / Service Informatie – The administrator can view, stop, start, and restart services such as mail or ftp from this menu.
  • Complete usage statistics – This provides the administrator with a complete overview of system usage.
  • DNS Clustering – DirectAdmin communicates with other DirectAdmin computers to automatically transfer DNS data between them. It also has the option to check the other server for a domain so you don’t allow duplicate domains on your DA network.
  • Spam combat tools in DirectAdmin – A wide variety of anti-spam tools, such as RSpamd and SpamAssassin are provided with DirectAdmin.
  • Licenties/Updates – The administrator can view his license status and download the latest Security and DirectAdmin software updates from this menu.
  • Admin Backup Systeem – Generate and restore full or partial backups of users and resellers. Backups can be stored locally or uploaded using FTP. Naming convention allows for storage of daily , weekly or monthly backups.
  • Create/List/Edit Accounts – Account creation, listing, editing and deletion are done quickly and easily.
  • User packages – Resellers can create predefined account packages using this feature. When creating an account, the reseller simply chooses a package instead of manually setting each account feature.
  • Reseller Statistics – Resellers receive a complete overview of their total usage. Resellers can also sort data by users to quickly assess the overall situation.
  • Message all users – Resellers can quickly send a message to all their customers using DirectAdmin’s integrated ticket support system.
  • Import/Manage Themes – With this menu option, resellers can quickly import and apply new themes by clicking a button.
  • IP assignment – Resellers can allocate the IP address to their customers using this menu option.
  • System/Service Information – By clicking this feature, resellers have instant access to server status and system information.
  • Name servers – Resellers can create custom name servers for their customers from this menu.
  • Email Administration – Users can create POP/IMAP accounts, catch-all email addresses, forwarders, mailing lists, autoresponders, and webmail. Filters allow users to block mail by domain, keyword and size. SpamAssassin and rspamd are configurable by the user and an adult filter is also available.
  • FTP management – Users can create FTP accounts and set directory permissions for each account. Anonymous FTP is also supported.
  • DNS Menu – Users can add and delete records, change MX settings and anything that goes with full DNS control.
  • Menu Statistics – Users have all the possible statistics on their account. More advanced options and Webalizer are also included.
  • Subdomain menu – Users can list, create, delete, and obtain subdomain statistics.
  • File manager – A friendly and fast alternative to FTP. Includes all the features needed to create and manage a website.
  • MySQL databases – Users can easily create, modify and delete MySQL databases from this menu.
  • Site Backups – With this powerful tool, users can back up and restore only what they want. For example, account data but not website files.
  • Error pages – Users can create custom messages and outputs for error codes 401, 403, 404, and 500.
  • Password protection – Users can password protect any directory with a username and password.
  • PHP selector – Allows the client to select the version of PHP associated with the .php extension.
  • Advanced tools – Users can install SSL certificates, view server information and install Perl modules, set cron jobs, MIME types and Apache handlers, and enable site redirection and domain pointers.
  • Integrated Ticket Support System – With DirectAdmin’s integrated ticket support system, you’ll provide better customer service with less hassle. “You have XX messages waiting” is displayed every time you sign in — and you can set DirectAdmin to notify you of support requests by e-mail, ensuring that no request will be missed. If you prefer to offer support in a different way, simply turn this feature off.
  • Two-Factor Authentication – Allows any DirectAdmin account to require the Two-Factor Authentication using a time-based code from a smart-phone app.
  • Plugin System – Allows to extend DirectAdmin functionality easily. Plugins support Admin, Reseller and User levels.
  • Live Updates – Server administrators can click the “licensing / updates” button to view the current license and version status. There is no need to manually download, extract, and install – DirectAdmin performs all updates automatically.
  • Completely Customizable – DirectAdmin is designed to be as unique as your business. Every aspect of the DirectAdmin interface can be changed, and new designs are easily imported through the “skins” menu.
  • Automatic Recovery From Crashes – DirectAdmin TaskQueue ensures that all services are up, all of the time. If something crashes, DirectAdmin will attempt to fix the problem by restarting the service. If this fails, DirectAdmin will notify the server administrator immediately.
  • All Licenses are Unlimited-Domain Licenses – There is no limit to the amount of domains or user accounts that can be hosted with DirectAdmin.

Nieuw Evolution Thema

Het nieuwe Evolution-thema biedt een aantrekkelijke en configureerbare interface voor het DirectAdmin controle paneel. Tevens is er een icoon layout beschikbaar gemaakt die gebruikers die migreren vanuit cPanel zich thuis moeten laten voelen.

De sidebar lay-out van het Evolution thema biedt snelle navigatie met een minimalistische, maar toch moderne uitstraling. Ook is de even aantrekkelijke klassieke lay-out via een topmenu beschikbaar. Evolution is een extreem veelzijdig thema dat een geweldige lay-out voor iedereen en elke situatie biedt.

Resellers en beheerders kunnen nu de Evolution-skin proberen, inclusief de 3 lay-outs, door in te loggen op DirectAdmin en op de Skin Manager- link te klikken die te vinden is onder Reseller Tools.

cPanel backup restoratie

Vanaf versie 1.57.3 van DirectAdmin, uitgebracht op 6 juni 2019, is het herstellen van cPanel-back-ups mogelijk. Back-ups kunnen direct worden hersteld met behulp van de DirectAdmin GUI, zonder dat een handmatige conversie nodig is. Om veiligheidsredenen hebben alleen DirectAdmin-beheerders toegang tot cPanel back-up herstel.
Migraties zijn gratis beschikbaar. Neem contact op met ons support team in geval u aanvullende informatie nodig heeft.
Beheer uw talen met gemak. DirectAdmin biedt de mogelijkheid om een ​​nieuw taalpakket voor uw interface te installeren. Taalpakketten zijn gratis te downloaden en iedereen kan deelnemen aan vertalingen



  • Apache
    Apache is the most popular web server software.
  • Nginx
    Standalone, other Web and HTTP Proxy Server with high performance and low memory usage. Nginx does not support .htaccess and CGI.
  • Nginx + Apache
  • LiteSpeed Enterprise
    Apache replacement. Supports HTTP 2/0 and built-in page caching as well as advanced .htaccess caching. Fast LiteSpeed SAPI for PHP. It’s a commercial 3rd party product.
  • OpenLiteSpeed
MySQL 5.5/5.6/5.7/8.0
The most popular open-source database management system.
MariaDB 5.5/10.x
MySQL replacement with improved performance. MariaDB is led by developers of MySQL with high compatibility.
Highly configurable FTP server software.
Free, lightweight FTP server with high flexibility and easy management.

DirectAdmin has support for running four PHP versions alongside each other. You can support both legacy software as well as very new and up-to-date software.

A standard PHP module for Apache. Works in combination with mod_ruid2 to run PHP scripts under user privileges.
An alternative PHP FastCGI implementation that allows a website to handle high loads and it is useful for sites of any size. PHP-FPM is faster than traditional CGI-based methods.
FastCGI is a protocol for interactive interfacing programs with a web server. Reduces memory footprint of the web server than mod_php. It allows a server to handle more web page requests at once.
LiteSpeed Server API for PHP. Up to 50% greater performance than Apache with mod_php. Up to 20% better performance than FastCGI. It is compatible with LiteSpeed Enterprise web server only, except for CloudLinux OS. On this operating system, it is supported with Apache web server.”

Web Console to manage MySQL databases.
RoundCube webmail
IMAP client with an application-like user interface based on the browser. The multilingual tool with unlimited users and messages. Brute-force login attack and sophisticated privacy protection.
SquirrelMail webmail
SquirrelMail is a standards-based webmail package written in PHP that supports SMTP and IMAP protocols. Robust functionalities such MIME support, address books, and folder manipulation.
Powerful and featureful tool to generate advanced statistics graphically.
Lightweight and fast log file analyzer.
Softaculous (optional)
One click software installer
Installatron (optional)
One click software installer
SitePad (optional)
Website Builder (optional)
Website Builder
  • Dovecot
    Dovecot is an open source IMAP and POP3 MDA (Mail Delivery Agent) for Linux/UNIX-like systems.
  • Exim
    Responsible for receiving and sending email messages.
  • Majordomo
    A mailing list manager written in Perl.
  • SpamAssassin
    Email spam filtering system based on open source. Classifies email and block SPAM.
  • RSpamD
  • ClamAV
    Antivirus engine for detecting Trojans, viruses, malware & other malicious threats. Supports scanning of email messages, FTP and PHP uploaded files.
  • Suhosin
  • SSL Security Certificates by Let’s Encrypt
    DirectAdmin allows you to request and automatically renew FREE Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates for all your domains.
  • ModSecurity (optional)
    ModSecurity is an open source firewall based on the web application. Supported in Apache, Nginx and LiteSpeed web servers.
  • CSF Firewall (optional)
    Firewall and login failure daemon.
  • Immunify360 (optional)
  • KernelCare (optional)
  • CloudLinux (optional)

Ondersteunde besturingssystemen

CloudLinux 6.x 32/64-bit, 7.x 64-bit
RedHat Enterprise / CentOS 6.x 32/64-bit, 7.x 64-bit
FreeBSD 11.x 64-bit
Debian 8.x 64-bit, , 9.x 64-bit


DirectAdmin-licenties zijn beschikbaar bij aankoop van een van de onderstaande producten:
Virtual Private Servers
Semi Dedicated Hybrid Cloud
VPS Cloud Reseller
Low Cost Dedicated
Premium Dedicated
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