New high performance Linux KVM VPS lineup

We are pleased to announce our new summer 2019 high performance Linux KVM VPS lineup!

Our proprietary web hosting products and virtual private servers have already developed a strong reputation for blending power with affordability. Now imagine that power, only even faster and more reliable. This is the reality of our new KVM virtual private servers.

We have worked tirelessly to make some major improvements in our hardware infrastructure and we have also raised the available memory and disk space allotments for our packages, while lowering the pricing for some of our VPS instances.

Benefits of using Woktron KVM Virtual Private Servers:

  • Unrivaled database performance
  • High I/O performance, eliminating starved CPU states
  • Eliminate “bottleneck” effect
  • Increased power, speed and performance
  • Full redundancy
  • Reduced I/O queues

More information can be found on our Virtual Private Server product page.

Our new pricing can be found below. You can use promotion code NEWVPS19 for a 40% discount on your first months invoice.

We are celebrating our new summer 2019 KVM VPS lineup!

Use promotion code NEWVPS19 and you will receive a 40% discount on your first months invoice

please sign up using “monthly billing” to qualify for this promotion. you can change your billing period afterwards if required.

Model Cores RAM / SWAP Storage Data Traffic Month  
KVM 512 1 512 / 1024 15 GB 1 TB € 4.95
KVM 1G 2 1024 / 2048 25 GB 1 TB € 9.95
KVM 2G 2 2048 / 4096 50 GB 2 TB € 19.95
KVM 3G 3 3072 / 4096 75 GB 3 TB € 27.95
KVM 4G 4 4096 / 4096 100 GB 5 TB € 34.95
KVM 6G 4 6144 / 4096 150 GB 6 TB € 44.95
KVM 8G 4 8192 / 4096 200 GB 7 TB € 54.95
KVM 12G 6 12288 / 4096 250 GB 8 TB € 74.95
Please visit our Virtual Private Server product page to find out more about our VPS range

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