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  Semi Dedicated Hybrid VPS

Take your web presence to the next level. Woktron semi-dedicated hybrid VPS offers you large CPU usage quotas and is perfect for busy, media-rich websites and resource intensive business applications.

By using our control panel you can quickly accomplish the most common VPS management tasks without the need of any technical knowledge.

  • Multiple Datacenter locations
  • Blazing Fast redundant network
  • Supercharged servers
  • KVM Virtualization technology
  • Dedicated RAM, no overselling
  • Up to 8 dedicated cpu cores
  • 99.99% network uptime
  • FREE Uptime monitoring
Powered by rock-solid KVM virtualization technology!
Rotterdam – The Hague


United Kingdom

united states

North Carolina

United States

Los Angeles


€ 99.95
Dedicated CPU Cores: 4
Dedicated RAM: 32 GB
Data Storage: 400 GB
Uplink: 250 Mbps
Data Traffic: 14TB
€ 129.95
Dedicated CPU Cores: 5
Dedicated RAM: 40 GB
Data Storage: 600 GB
Uplink: 500 Mbps
Data Traffic: 16TB
Dedicated CPU Cores: 6
Dedicated RAM: 48 GB
Data Storage: 800 GB
Uplink: 750 Mbps
Data Traffic: 18TB
€ 189.95
Dedicated CPU Cores: 8
Dedicated RAM: 56 GB
Data Storage: 1 TB
Uplink: 1 Gbps
Data Traffic: 20TB
All Virtual Private Servers include
Complete Control
Our secure control panel allows you to manage your VPS with ease. You can reboot your VPS, reinstall an Operating System, get console access, upload ISO images and you can monitor your server statistics.
Flexible and Customizable
You can easily add RAM, extra CPU power, storage and traffic at any time. We offer affordable DirectAdmin, Interworx and Plesk control panel licenses and additional IP addresses are available as an option.
Proactive Support
Timely, proactive support is a crucial element to making a superior hosting experience. Our support team provides assistance via our easy to use online ticketing system, live chat and by telephone.
Redundant DNS
We provide our VPS clients with free access to our reliable and geographically redundant DNS cluster. You can quickly create and edit your DNS zone records from our easy to use client panel.

VPS Control Panel

our secure control panel allows you to manage your VPS with ease. You can reboot your VPS, re-install an Operating System and you can monitor your server resources and statistics.
Complete Control over all aspects of your VPS
Keep track of your Traffic and Resource usage
Quick reboots and OS re-installations

Uptime Monitoring

Monitor your sites anytime… anywhere! Upmon FREE is included with your Virtual Private Server
Monitor sites and services
Upmon - Configure Monitors

Get rid of your uptime worries! We watch your website, application or IP address. We reliably test the availability of services such as HTTP(s), ping, ports, keywords and blacklists.

Graphs and Weekly Reports

Knowledge is power, that’s why we provide you the information you need about the uptime and performance of your websites and servers in easy-to-read reports and graphs.

Status Pages

Share your website, network service availability and load times with your teammates and/or website visitors using our brandable public status pages.

E-Mail and SMS Notifications

Be the first to know when your website or server is in trouble! You and any additional contact you setup can receive downtime notifications by e-mail and SMS.

DDOS Mitigation

Our network is fully protected against volumetric DDoS attacks. We strive to provide the best uptime possible and having DDoS protection helps to ensure that happens.
A DDoS attack aims to render a server, service or an infrastructure unavailable by sending a multitude of simultaneous requests from multiple points across the internet. An attack can take on different forms. It may saturate the server’s bandwidth to make it unreachable, or it may overwhelm the machine’s system resources, stopping it from responding to legitimate traffic.
Woktron provides a FREE mitigation solution for your web hosting product, enabling:
  • Analysis of all packets in real time and at high speed
  • Filtering of your server’s incoming traffic
  • Mitigation. Repair of illegitimate IP packets while allowing legitimate ones to pass through

Proactive VPS Management

You can always self manage your VPS, but if you do need help, our On Demand management option is always available from only € 29.95 per hour. If you require more regular assistance, please have a look at our “proactive complete” management subscription below.

On Demand

System administration on demand, charged by the hour. To use however you need. Rest assured that you have our specialists on hand to respond immediately when you need them.

  • all Core and Proactive Complete features
  • PCI DSS audits (request quotation)
  • spam and malware protection
  • disaster and hack recovery
  • server and site migrations
  • application maintenance

€ 29.95 / hour

Core Management

We setup your VPS, install your favorite software and take care of performance and security optimizations. To ensure that your server is running trouble-free, we perform regular maintenance and install updates.

  • initial server setup
  • initial server migration
  • ongoing server maintenance
  • control panel installation & updates
  • spam and malware protection
  • backup and restoration

included free

Proactive Complete

We’ll monitor your VPS 24/7, proactively perform daily maintenance, protect from spam and malware, restore failed services, apply security patches and keep your system up to date.

  • all CORE management features
  • proactive security & performance audits
  • outage and intrusion forensics
  • best effort 3rd party application support
  • UPMON Server Monitoring (10 services)
  • 100 Gigabytes FTP Backup Space

€ 34.95 / month



Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Private Server hosting, aka VPS hosting, is a website hosting environment that allows for resources such as RAM and CPU to be dedicated to your account. This is achieved by virtualizing a Dedicated server and splitting the resources amongst the users on that server.

Users of Shared hosting all share the resources on the server their websites are on. There is no guarantee of RAM or CPU with Shared hosting. Shared hosting also does not provide full root access to the server, as opposed to VPS package where users are given full root access to perform commands and make configuration changes to their hosting environment.

Virtualization software KVM offers secure, fully isolated virtualization, dedicated memory. applications, custom kernels, ip addresses and processes. KVM provides extremely reliable performance.


KVM Linux Virtual Private Servers can be compared to a dedicated server environment, hosted within another physical dedicated server. All resources such as memory and processing power are completely dedicated to the user and cannot be shared with other users.

A standard VPS using OpenVZ virtualization, shares resources with every other client on the host node and is considered a container-based virtualization. KVM, or Kernel-Based Virtual Machine offers a completely isolated virtual machine and provides full emulation of a computer system’s hardware.


Custom Linux Kernel

The KVM Hypervisor allow for custom kernels completely separate from the host node. Whenever you need to add or remove a module from your Linux kernel, you can do so with ease.

Experience performance like no other

Your VPS is hosted on high performance, enterprise class servers, leveraging the latest technologies in caching, performance tuning and storage.


We have deployed ultra-reliable RAID-10 SAS storage, backed by multiple NVMe SSD drives in use as a cache. This cache is used to fetch your data at super high speeds.


Our storage solution is designed to offer an unparalleled level of reliability. The NVMe SSD cache ensures that there is no noticeable performance difference compared to pure SSD storage, while data integrity and reliability are greatly improved.
blazing-fast servers
  • Intel Xeon Enterprise class processors
  • ECC Error checking RAM – 128-256 GB
  • RAID10 SAS storage array
  • NVMe SSD cache
  • Redundant power and cooling
6 datacenter locations
  • 6 carrier neutral datacenters spread across the world providing lightning fast speeds with a guaranteed 99.99% network uptime.
Hardened & monitored
  • Our network and servers are continually monitored, patched, and secured against the ever-changing threats. We utilize multiple methods to identify and protect your VPS on an ongoing basis.

Users of Shared hosting all share the resources on the server their websites are on. There is no guarantee of RAM or CPU with Shared hosting.

Shared hosting also does not provide full root access to the server, as opposed to VPS package where users are given full root access to perform commands and make configuration changes to their hosting environment.

Operating Systems
Oracle Linux
Rocky Linux
SUSE Linux
Scientific Linux

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 (license required)

+ More than 50 custom ISO Images
Software Licenses
Plesk Web Pro Edition
Plesk Web Host Edition
Plesk Onyx Web Pro Edition
Plesk Onyx Web Host Edition

Yes, we do. Every virtual machine comes with one primary IPv6 address with an option to add more.

Your Virtual Private Server can be scaled up or down whenever required from within our client area. The upgrade is instantly activated.

No, VPS backups aren’t included, but are available as an option. We strongly encourage all VPS servers to be backed up regularly. You can also do this using your own software, such as R1Soft or cPanel backups etc.

Need even more resources ?

Try out our amazing Dedicated Server offers !
Bespoke Solutions
Instead of offering ready-made plans, servers and builds, we can craft custom infrastructures based on specific customer’s business needs.
Be it a single instance setup, a public or private cloud configuration or a geographically dispersed cluster architecture – we can build it all.
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