Affordable FTP Backup Storage

Fast, Secure, Reliable & Scalable storage with ample high-speed Bandwidth.

Offsite storage service accessible via FTP and FTPs, ideal for automating
backup routines from hosting servers, local applications, and backup systems.

  • 2 Datacenter locations
  • Blazing fast redundant network
  • Backups via FTP or FTPs
  • WebDAV and GIT access
  • Setup user accounts
  • Easy to use control panel
  • 99.9% network uptime SLA
  • 30-day money back guarantee
Datacenter Disk Space RAID Storage Data Traffic Users Month  
FranceUnited KingdomCanada 50 Gigabytes RAID10 1 TB 1
FranceUnited KingdomCanada 100 Gigabytes RAID10 2 TB 3
FranceUnited KingdomCanada 200 Gigabytes RAID10 3 TB 6
FranceUnited KingdomCanada 300 Gigabytes RAID10 4 TB 9
FranceUnited KingdomCanada 400 Gigabytes RAID10 5 TB 12
FranceUnited KingdomCanada 500 Gigabytes RAID10 6 TB 15
FranceUnited KingdomCanada 750 Gigabytes RAID10 7 TB 20
FranceUnited KingdomCanada 1000 Gigabytes RAID10 8 TB 25
FranceUnited KingdomCanada 2000 Gigabytes RAID10 9 TB 30
FranceUnited KingdomCanada 3000 Gigabytes RAID10 10 TB 50
Connect a wide range of FTP clients such as FileZilla, NcFTP, Transmit, CyberDuck and more
Automate file uploads from your home devices and NAS
Synchronize assets of your websites with full support for WordPress
Track revision history of any set of files
Use your Ftp storage account to transfer your files out of the production environment. Compatible with any software or server that supports the Ftp or FTPs (TLS) protocol.
WebDAV adds write access to the read access afforded by HTTP. WebDAV enables users to collaborate over the Web in the same way as they might over a corporate intranet.
Git is a distributed version control system and helps track revision history of any set of files (for example, a website’s files and assets or a software development project).
Assign Multiple Users
Woktron FTP Backup storage accounts support multiple FTP users. Create the users that you need, and share your hard disk space across multiple backup programs or servers.
Connect Multiple Devices
Share disk space between servers, local backup systems, and applications. Each account can be configured on unlimited devices, at no extra cost per configuration.
Automate Backups
Automate online backup routines by utilizing the remote backup functions of popular control panels such as DirectAdmin, cPanel and Plesk.
Share your Files
Send, share and track files and folder easily with our File Sharing feature. Simply create password-protected public folders and allow guest uploads.
Web asset delivery
Host and deliver static web or application assets such as photos, JavaScript, and CSS. Use your own subdomain with an SSL certificate to create a seamless secure architecture.

Control panel access

Upload multiple files with simple drag-and-drop and manage all your files and content from our easy to use control panel

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we’d be happy to.

We can help you create a backup policy that is suited to your organisation’s needs, we just need to know how long you wish to retain your data and how frequently you wish you data to be backed up and we will deploy a backup policy for you.

You do need to ensure you have purchased enough backup space to support the policy required which we can help you estimate.

Our FTP backup service will automatically warn you via email when you are close to using all your available space.

If required, you can upgrade your backup space at any time from our control panel.

Backups are stored in your datacenter of choice.

In addition your data is replicated 4 times per day offsite to another geographically separate datacenter.

Backups are automatically encrypted in transit, provided you utilize a secure transfer method such as FTPs.

easy to follow documentation can be found in our knowledgebase

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