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Data Center Infrastructure
Services offered in the Netherlands (The Hague)
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Greenhouse Datacenters offers high-quality TIER 3 colocation services and is situated in Naaldwijk, the Netherlands. It comprises of two separate datacenter units. This central location in the Westland municipality (The Hague – Rotterdam region) is known for its many large businesses.

Datacenter 1 offers a total floor space of 1000 m2, providing a total capacity of 432 server rack cabinets.

  • Complete redundancy in accordance with TIER3 standards
  • Built with the latest cooling technologies
  • 24/7 staff on-site
  • Security with access cards and biometric facial recognition
Greenhouse Datacenter 1

Datacenter two has a total floor area of 3500 m2 with approximately three quarters of this space reserved for colocation services, offering a total capacity of 1200 server rack cabinets.

  • Complete redundancy in accordance with TIER3 standards
  • Built with the latest cooling technologies
  • 24/7 staff on-site
  • Security with access cards and biometric facial recognition
Greenhouse Datacenter 2


The data centers are connected to the Westland Infra energy network. This network has been configured in a ring, which means that electricity is supplied to the data center via two separate paths. The total capacity of the power supply that comes in at the main distributor is 6.4 mW. As you would expect, Greenhouse Datacenters uses green energy.

The internal infrastructure starting at the main distributor has been set up with two separate power circuits, called the A and B feeds. Both feeds have been set up in a no-break configuration, which means that they both use separate UPS systems in combination with emergency generators in an N+1 configuration.

In the event of a failure in the mains supply, the UPS systems can provide approximately 10 minutes of power to the data center when the center is in full operation. In the meantime, the emergency generators will start automatically and will be able to provide the data center with power for 96 hours. Clear agreements have been made with suppliers regarding the prompt delivery of additional diesel, to allow us to cope with power interruptions that may last longer.

The power infrastructure feeding the server racks is realized using a busbar system in which the current is fused at 16 or 32 amps.


The cooling technology used at Greenhouse Datacenters allows for environmentally friendly colocation services. By using fresh-air technology with cold corridors to cool the data center, the energy consumption of the data center is reduced considerably, as are CO2 emissions.

When outside temperatures permit, cold air from outside is used to cool the data center. This cold air is supplied to the cold corridor, passing underneath the data floor. After the servers have been cooled, the warm air is extracted and, if necessary, used to heat up the cold air. This may be necessary if the temperature of the outside air is too low for it to be brought directly onto the data floor.

If the outside temperature becomes too high, we can switch to our backup cooling system. The heated air on the data floor is then cooled by a heat exchanger system that, in turn, is cooled by pumping up cool natural water. This natural water is contained in a closed system and is immediately returned to the source after passing the heat exchanger.

In addition to saving on energy costs, the systems at Greenhouse Datacenters do not use hazardous cooling agents that are harmful to the environment.

Based on an average temperature of 26 degrees Celsius on the data floor, we expect to be able to use fresh-air cooling technology 95% of the year. We will use our backup system based on natural water the remaining 5% of the time

  • 100% environmental friendly cooling
  • No use of harmful gases
  • Constant monitoring of climate in the hall
  • Redundant

Network specifications

  • ASN: 49981
  • Routing equipment vendor: Arista Networks
  • DWDM equipment vendor: Coriant
  • Separated fiber paths between our datacenters and network PoPs
  • Fully 100Gbit/s enabled backbone
  • Over 10Tbit/s of total capacity
  • Separated fiber paths
  • Full IPv6 support
  • 99.99% Uptime guarantee
  • Certified network design engineers


Our network consists of a mix of Tier-1 and Tier-2 carriers, and loads of public and private peering partners.

Big capacity, redundancy, scalability and low latency are the main drivers of our network. Greenhouse datacenters are located nearby one of the biggest internet hubs in the world: Amsterdam. From here we supply excellent services to customers anywhere in the world.


Greenhouse Datacenter - Carriers - AMS-IX
Greenhouse Datacenter - Carriers - Cogent
Greenhouse Datacenter - Carriers - CenturyLink
Greenhouse Datacenter - Carriers - Telia
Greenhouse Datacenter - Carriers - NLix
Greenhouse Datacenter - Carriers - Sparkle
Greenhouse Datacenter - Carriers -
Greenhouse Datacenter - Carriers - Core Backbone
Greenhouse Datacenter - Carriers - Deutche Telekom
Greenhouse Datacenter - Carriers - Decix
Greenhouse Datacenter - Carriers - Speed
Greenhouse Datacenter - Carriers - Asteroid
Greenhouse Datacenter - Carriers - Ecix
Greenhouse Datacenter - Carriers - Mix
Private Peering Partners:
  • OVH
  • M247
  • Hetzner
  • A1 Telekom Austria
  • Telecom Italia
  • Wind/Tre Italia
  • MyLoc
  • Telefonica Germany
  • Vodafone Germany
  • Vodafone Global
  • Liberty Global
  • LeaseWeb
  • DataPacket / CDN77
  • Serverius
  • SFR
  • Belgacom / Proximus
  • Telenor
  • Omantel
  • Google
  • OteGlobe
  • Orange
  • TDC
  • ColoCenter
  • Kvant Telecom
  • Fiord
  • Next Layer
  • Zara Telecom

Internet Exchanges:


  • AMS-IX
  • NL-IX
  • DE-CIX
  • Speed-IX
  • Asteroid
  • ECIX
  • MIX
Services offered in France (Roubaix)
Web Hosting
Virtual Private Servers
Dedicated Servers
6 data centers around the world, including 2 of the largest ones. Since its first data center in Paris back in 2003, OVH keeps on innovating when it comes to designing, deploying and maintaining its server hosting infrastructures.


A global end-to-end management concept was implemented for its data centers, and it now has a unique know-how in terms of high availability, security and energy efficiency.
Over 12 Tbps capacity

Your website is hosted in our Tier-3 Data centers. A high availability network infrastructure, utilizing multiple premium bandwidth providers and with multiple Points of Presence (PoP) in the United States. This Trans-Atlantic backbone guarantees your web hosting products’ low latency and bandwidth quality, wherever you are!

Quality Network

To ensure high speed, low latency superior quality bandwidth, our data center has invested in the deployment of its own fiber optics network. Managed with DWDM equipment. Our network is world-wide in scope. Our routing infrastructure is fully based on Cisco products, due to a privileged partnership.


To guarantee the maximum redundancy and availability of your hosting product, all network links are at least doubled at every routing point. Two Cisco routers (each with two network cards) make up the physical connection to your dedicated server. The fiber optic cables are at least doubled, and sometimes tripled.

Anti-DDoS protection

OVH includes a protection against all types of DDoS attacks in its dedicated hosting service. The web hosting provider has set up 9 anti-DDoS infrastructures with a capacity of 6x600Gps + 1x 240Gbps + 2x120Gbps across the group’s data centers.

In-house developed servers

OVH produces its own servers in-house and has multiple production lines in France and Canada. As a result, the latest generation components are built into the machines, increasing reliability and adaptability.


Our data centers are protected 24/7 by a security control system, video surveillance and on-site security staff. The rooms are also equipped with state of the art fire detection and extinction systems. Our technical teams are on site 24/7, ready to intervene.


  • ISO 27001:2005 certification for providing and operating dedicated cloud computing infrastructures
  • ISO 27002 and ISO 27005 certification for security management and risk assessment norms and associated processes
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification for the security management of dedicated server information system.
  • ISMS certification for dedicated servers covers all servers hosted in certified datacenters in France, as well as all in Canada, Singapore and Australia
  • SOC 1 Type II and SOC 2 Type II certifications
  • N4 and APSAD R4 for fire risk management
Data protection has always been one of our top priorities. In order to guarantee the very highest security levels, we have carefully put efficient measures in place, as well as an arsenal of good practices at all levels of our organisation and infrastructures.

High security Datacenters

In all datacenters, access is strictly monitored. To avoid any intrusions or risks, each perimeter is secured with barbed wire fences. The area is also monitored by constant video surveillance and motion detection sensors. Activity both within and outside of the datacentres is monitored and recorded on secure servers, with surveillance teams working on site, 24/7.

In order to control and monitor access to the premises, strict security procedures have been put in place. Each staff member receives a RFID name badge, which is also used to restrict their access. Employee access rights are reassessed regularly, according to their remit. To access the premises, employees must hand in their badges for verification before passing through the security doors.

Fire risk management

Every datacenter room is fitted with a fire detection and extinction system, as well as fire doors. All datacenters comply with APSAD R4 regulations for the installation of mobile and portable extinguishers, and have N4 conformity certifications.

Industrialization of liquid cooling

One of the key elements in terms of energy efficiency is industrial deployment of water cooling systems.

This idea was born in 2003 and had never been used before on an industrial scale. All dedicated servers are cooled individually using liquid cooling. The liquid is carried by heat exchangers which are positioned on the processors and as well as other components that emit the most heat.

70% of the heated generated by a server is thus captured by the liquid, which has a much higher heat transfer capacity than air.

Network Security

OVH deploys its own global fiber optic network. Hardware at the cutting edge of technology is selected, installed and maintained by in-house teams of engineers.

With this network, we can deliver fantastic service quality to all of our customers, no matter where they are based. The network has a capacity of 8 Tbps in Europe, and 4 Tbps in North America. It is also connected to 33 points of presence across four continents.

We have designed the network to be fully redundant: several security loops have been put in place to eliminate any risk of services becoming unavailable. With this abundance of links, your data can take the shortest route, resulting in minimal latency and the fastest load times.

Server Security

There is a 24 hours a day and 365 days a year human presence in the datacenters, to guarantee that the servers are constantly maintained. In the event of a technical incident, they will react immediately to ensure that your server is repaired as quickly as possible.

Some of the server ranges are also equipped with double power supplies and double network cards, so that the infrastructure is redundant from end to end.

Electrical Supply

The datacenters are powered by two separate electrical power supplies and are also equipped with UPS devices. Power generators have an initial autonomy of 48hrs to counteract any failure of the electricity supply network.

Eco-innovation is at the heart of our selected datacenters philosophy. Since 2003, we have been working to reduce the energy consumption of these data centers, particularly by designing an exclusive liquid cooling system for our servers.


No stone is left unturned to invent new ways of reducing the quantity of electricity needed to run its datacenters. This keeps the ecological footprint down.

Since 2010, the data centers that we have selected have been cooled without the use of air conditioning.

The “30% aircooling + 70% water-cooling = 0% air conditioning” solution is deployed in all our new data centers. It has significantly reduced our energy bill, so much so that electricity now only accounts for 10% of the overall operating cost of our data centers.

Optimization of air flow

Rather than the traditional free cooling commonly used in data centers, the servers are cooled directly using air from the outside.

The way that the data center has actually been designed plays a key role in this highly effective air flow management system. The tower design allows fresh air to directly reach the front of the servers, which regulates the temperature of the fans and air inlets.

  • Fresh air passing in front of the servers
  • Air heated by the components is evacuated at the back of the servers
  • Hot and cold air flow separated

Record PUE index

The PUE is the energy efficiency indicator for data centers. Thanks to its efforts to reduce its electricity consumption, OVH has achieved an average PUE of 1.09.

A better result than the average data center.

Services offered in The United Kingdom (London)
Web Hosting
Virtual Private Servers
Dedicated Servers

The Erith data center, located in South-East London, has a total capacity of 40,000 servers. It is close to two electric power stations, that supply it with all of the energy required for it to run. Its location was also chosen due to its proximity to the OVH point of presence (PoP) in central London. It is connected to all data centers via its own fiber optic network.

All services include a Anti-DDoS solution.

Certifications for this location include PCI-DSS, SOC 1, ISO 27001, ISAE-3402, SSAE-16 Type 1, SOC 2 Type 2.

To ensure high-speed connection, high-quality bandwidth and low latency, we chose to invest in deploying a fiber-optic network that is operating with DWDM equipment. Our network is currently being migrated to 100G coherent technology, our network has a total capacity of 12 Tbps to the worldwide web.

The routing infrastructure is based on Cisco products, a company that has developed a close technical relationship with us.

Services offered in the United States (North Carolina)
Web Hosting
Reseller Hosting
Virtual Private Servers
Our data center facility in Lenoir, North Carolina is operated by CentriLogic and is located in one of the Eastern USA’s safest and most secure data center clusters. From this facility, we are able to deliver our full suite of web hosting solutions.
Datacenter - CentriLogic - Lenoir, North Carolina
  • 23,500 Sq. Ft
  • Hardened Purpose-built Facility
  • Diverse Incoming Utility Feeds
  • 24×7 Security & Multi-level Access Control
  • Power Protection by UPS (N+2) and 1MW Backup Generator
  • Strict Climate Control with Liebert CRAH Units & Chilled Water Cooling
  • Bandwidth provided by major Tier 1 carriers
  • Connectivity provided by 5 diverse fiber operators
  • Fire Detection & Suppression Systems

The datacenter is cooled using a combination of Liebert CRAH (Computer Room Air Handler) units using chilled water from a central water plant, as well as a unique air-side economizer that was built and designed inhouse. The air-side economizer allows us to operate at PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) values of less than 1.2 when the conditions outside are appropriate.

Our North Carolina datacenter facility also meets the most stringent industry compliance requirements, ensuring we provide our customers with trusted, secure, and reliable solutions:

  • SSAE 16
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 27001
Services offered in LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA
Web Hosting
Reseller Hosting
Virtual Private Servers
Psychz Networks is highly renowned for colocation services. Our Los Angeles facility is in close proximity to One Wilshire Building, encompassing 15000 sq ft of gross space.

Facility Details

  • 24×7 Technical Support Staff On-site
  • 15000 sq ft of gross space
  • Exceeds Tier III operational performance
  • Expected Availability of 99.995%
  • Close Proximity to One Wilshire Building


  • Operations Centre manned 24x7x365
  • Security guard patrols 24x7x365
  • Continuous CCTV surveillance of external and internal areas
  • Access control using proximity card readers


  • Minimum N+1 resilience on all systems
  • CRAC units control temperature and humidity
  • Diverse distribution pipework throughout
  • Chilled water cooling system
  • Cold Air Containment


  • Technical (IT) power supplied by on-site battery powered UPS
  • Mechanical systems backed up by standby generator
  • Fully diverse power distribution to technical areas
  • On-site fuel storage for 24x7x365 fuel delivery

Fire Detection

  • Analogue addressable fire detection system in all areas
  • Aspirated early warning smoke detection system (monitored 24x7x365)
  • Pre-action Fire Suppression System – Multi-zoned, dry-pipe, double-interlock pre-action

Datacenter Management

  • Experienced 24x7x365 facilities management team
  • Environment (thermal conditions) monitored 24x7x365
  • All Building Management Systems (BMS) monitored 24x7x365
  • Comprehensive energy metering systems
Services offered in Canada (Montreal)
Web Hosting
Virtual Private Servers
Dedicated Servers

The Beauharnois (BHS) site located near Montreal consists of old converted aluminum smelters. These large industrial halls are made of brick and cover 26,000 square meters.

The datacenter is located near the Beauharnois hydroelectric power plant, one of the most powerful run-of-river power plants in the world. This monumental Art Deco-inspired construction extends over 900 meters, and has a 24-meter waterfall. Built on the Saint Lawrence River between 1930 and 1960, it was recently renovated, and has been continuously generating 2 gigawatts of power ever since.

Beauharnois is located near the PoPs of Newark, Ashburn and Chicago, which are major data exchange points for international network carriers.

Certifications for this location include PCI-DSS, SOC 1, ISO 27001, ISAE-3402, SSAE-16 Type 1, SOC 2 Type 2.

To ensure high-speed connection, high-quality bandwidth and low latency, we chose to invest in deploying a fiber-optic network that is operating with DWDM equipment. Our network is currently being migrated to 100G coherent technology, our network has a total capacity of 12 Tbps to the worldwide web.

The routing infrastructure is based on Cisco products, a company that has developed a close technical relationship with us.

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