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11 Jan: MKcert – issue valid TLS certificates for localhost

In the last few years Google have been actively promoting but also mandating a move to a secure web. However, HTTPS apps and websites require TLS certificates, and while deployment is increasingly a solved issue thanks to Let’s Encrypt and their ACME protocol, development still mostly ends up happening…


06 Jan: Let’s Encrypt Vs Commercial SSL : A Comparison

No doubt you’ve heard of Google’s updates regarding HTTPS, and their ongoing quest to create a more secure internet for us to inhabit. Back in 2014, an announcement was made by Google that the websites served through ‘HTTPS’ will secure better SEO rankings.

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30 Dec: Comodo rebrands to Sectigo

Comodo CA, the world’s largest commercial Certificate Authority and a leader in web security solutions, announced today that the company is rebranding to Sectigo. This was a decision that has been in the works for a while now and stems from the acquisition of the Comodo Certificate Authority by…