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exciting selection of new dedicated servers

We have expanded our operations to the Netherlands!

Greenhouse Datacenters offers high-quality TIER 3 and environmentally friendly datacenter and co-location services and is situated in the Rotterdam – The Hague region of the Netherlands. From this facility, we are able to deliver our full suite of reliable web hosting solutions, including premium brandname dedicated server lease.

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Customizable, brand-name dedicated servers

Woktron brings fully configurable dedicated servers from market leaders Dell, Fujitsu, HP and Lenovo, utilizing the latest Intel Xeon enterprise processors at very competitive prices. You can get a reliable, brand-name dedicated server for as little as €23.99 / month (with yearly payments).

Clients have the ability to customize RAM, RAID controller, storage (SATA, SSD, PCI-Express SSD) and uplink. In addition we offer hardware firewalls by Cisco and FortiNet. 10Gbit/s DDoS protection is also included as standard, while a higher level of protection is optionally available. The ability to interconnect your servers locally is also available.

Supreme redundant network

Together with our datacenter partner we are able to guarantee your uptime with 99.99% while providing a high performance, low latency redundant network using a blend of Tier-1 and Tier-2 carriers and a large number of public and private peering partners.

Our datacenter partner is located in the Rotterdam – The Hague region and is situated nearby one of the biggest internet hubs in the world: Amsterdam, providing excellent connectivity where-ever you are on the globe.

Capacity, redundancy, scalability and low latency are the main drivers of our network. The core network is designed in a way that we never rely on single elements, any malfunction will be picked up by redundancy mechanisms.


Environmentally friendly

Greenhouse Datacenters operate two sustainable, evironmentally responsible and carrier neutral datacenters, using cold corridors, fresh-air cooling based on natural water, adiabatic cooling and energy-efficient UPS systems, reducing the consumption of energy dramatically.

Greenhouse Datacenter 1
datacenter 1
Greenhouse Datacenter 2
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