New ClamAV GUI interface for DirectAdmin

Who says that DirectAdmin control panel development is not spearheading forward now that the new cPanel pricing has been re-confirmed and set in stone?

As cPanel users are leaving in what can only be imagined large numbers, the DirectAdmin developers have seized the opportunity and jumped into the void left by cPanel. A number of changes have already been made to accommodate the newcomers such as a Grid based layout and a cPanel backup importer.

Another advantage is the apparent shift by third party developers who now turn their focus towards the fledgling control panel. Well, they’ve been around since 2003, so not sure if fledgling is the correct term here.

Anyhow, Ereznet have been kind enough to release a free and very interesting looking ClamAV GUI interface for DirectAdmin.

The initial public build offers the following features:

  • ClamAV Service
  • Show ClamAV Version + FreshClam Version (+Last Update)
  • Show System info
  • UPDATE freshclam
  • ClamAV virus check
  • Show clamd.conf + freshclam.conf
  • Show Load average (+Graph for 1min/5min/15min)
  • Clamscan (FILES mode / USERs mode)
  • Clamscan > –quiet + –recursive + –no-summary + –infected + –remove + –scan-X + –max-X etc…
  • User logs




Installation is quick and painless:

Login to DirectAdmin as an admin and use the plugin manager to install.
(*Please add plugins_allowed_run_as=1 to directadmin.conf file. and restart directadmin.)


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