Oakley Capital Acquires Plesk

Oakley Capital has acquired web hosting control panel Plesk in a deal valued at $105 million, making Plesk a completely independent company from Parallels.

According to a statement by Plesk on Friday, it plans to move beyond traditional web hosting into the hyperscale cloud – offering support for WordPress management, Docker and microservices, as well as simplified cloud management.

Plesk, headquartered in Switzerland, is used by cloud service providers to manage applications, websites, and cloud businesses. As an independent company, Plesk expects to be able to make acquisitions and investments in engineering.

Founded in 1999 and originally designed in Russia, the business provides web server management tools to secure and automate administration and operations.

Key features include the automation and management of domain names, email accounts, web applications, programming languages, databases and infrastructure tasks.

The Plesk software platform, which is available in 32 languages, operates on more than 350,000 servers globally and supports more than ten million websites and 18 million email boxes.

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