Use your Android phone or tablet for remote system and network administration

System administration on a smart phone? The horror!

Thankfully with the advent of larger, higher resolution screens and improved multi-tasking capabilities it is possible these days to remotely administer your network on the go without too much aggravation.

In the article below you can find a short overview with description of some of the desktop replacement tools commonly used to help you remotely administer your network or dedicated servers on the Android platform.

SSH Clients

SSH stands for Secure Shell. SSH provides a safe and secure way of executing commands, making changes, and configuring services remotely. When you connect through SSH, you log in using an account that exists on the remote server.

SSH uses encryption to maintain security of the data during a transfer across an unsecured network, such as the Internet.

Most desktop users are users of Putty/Kitty, Bitvise SSH Client, TerraTerm or the excellent SecureCRT. On OSX most users are accustomed to Terminal or iTerm2. But what about connecting using your smartphone or tablet?


Our favorite. A full featured and stable SSH client. The payware version includes extended functionality.

Play Store link


Another full featured SSH Client

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No ads or banners, Support for XTerm, VT100 and vanilla terminal types. Furthermore it supports SSH key and password authentication, PuTTY keys and it includes a built-in RSA/DSA key generator.

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