cPanel removed from VPS and dedicated server offers

Due to the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the cPanel control panel product we are forced to announce that we have removed cPanel licensing as an option from our VPS and dedicated server offerings.

Current cPanel licensees will continue to be able to use the cPanel product. You will receive an e-mail with your new rate. We are also available to assist you with migrating your cPanel accounts to DirectAdmin for no additional charge.

Last friday, cPanel has made the decision to move to a new account based pricing structure and there has been considerable backlash because of this from users and web professionals alike. It is not unthinkable that anti trust lawsuits are being prepared as cPanel’s abuse of their dominant market position is being investigated.

Our shared hosting users are not affected. We have always used the excellent DirectAdmin control panel product. However, we do not want to expose our VPS and dedicated server users to such uncertainty, thus our decision to (at least temporarily) remove the cPanel product.

We’d like to point our users to the excellent DirectAdmin control panel. DirectAdmin has been our control panel of choice since we have started operation back in 2010. One of the reasons to pick DirectAdmin at the time was the apparent open and approachable company culture.

DirectAdmin may lack some features that cPanel users are accustomed to but we feel that the software stack, written in C++, is far superior. DirectAdmin can also boast a better trackrecord security wise as well and any reported bugs are fixed fast and with open communication.


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