28 Apr: Chrome will alert users who visit HTTP sites more often

Google has announced a number of changes to their popular Chrome browser. From version 62 onward additional warnings will be displayed on http sites. These additional warnings will be displayed for example in Incognito Mode and when filling out online forms. Google tells us that the changes will take…


20 Oct: Google roll out Penguin 3.0

Google confirmed Sunday that a new version of its Penguin filter aimed at fighting spam went live on Friday. Penguin targets sites deemed to be spammy, especially those found in violation of Google’s guidelines about linking. Some noticed major changes in Google search results beginning late Friday night US…


29 Sep: Bash Latest Patch / Status Update

According to a Google Security Researcher who was able to defeat all of the current patches and make the vulnerability easier to exploit, they are now recommending the following unofficial patch until it is pushed upstream: Further Information: “,further-flaws-render-shellshock-patch-ineffective.aspx source: hostingseclist