Woktron launches improved DNS nameserver cluster

In an effort to improve network resilience and to support the lowest response times anywhere on the globe we are launching a third DNS nameserver cluster that is located in our datacenter in Canada.

Additionally, we are also making an IP address change to our primary nameserver. Our primary nameserver cluster is being re-located to London, UK.

With this migration we are introducing a fully virtualized DNS environment, allowing any future DNS server changes to be fully transparent to the end user.


Help! What does all this mean?

Shared Web Hosting:
If you are a user of our shared hosting services no changes are required, however if you wish to make use of our third nameserver then you can optionally add this new nameserver to your domain at your registrar. For instructions please refer to the documentation provided by your registrar. Domains registered via Woktron have the 3rd nameserver already included.

Please include the following value if you wish to make use of our 3rd nameserver: ns3.woktron.com


Reseller Web Hosting:
For reseller hosting clients the above applies as well. However, if you have setup PRIVATE or CUSTOM NAMESERVERS, then you will also have to make an IP address change.

The following values apply:

IP Address
ns1.woktron.com UK
ns2.woktron.com France
ns3.woktron.com Canada

Please note that the old IP address for nameserver 1 (NS1) remains active until january 4th, 2020.


VPS & Dedicated Servers:

If you are making use of Woktron DNS Services please follow the instructions above. If you are using a different DNS infrastructure no changes are necessary.


Woktron delivers reliable, highly-available, secure and hassle-free hosting fueled by enterprise level hardware and networking infrastructure. We hope these changes will further our goal of providing best-in-class web hosting services.

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