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07 Jun: Mobile-first indexing becomes standard for new domains

From July 1, 2019, Google’s mobile first indexing will become standard for new domains. Google defines new domains as “domains that have been previously unknown to Google Search”. Join Our Online Security and Hosting Newsletter Today and stay updated with the latest news, updates, releases & much more. Subscribe…

02 Jun: Injection vulnerability In WP Database Backup Plugin

Researchers of the Threat Intelligence team of WordFence have warned on Tuesday that WordPress plugin WP Database Backup contains a critical vulnerability. The developer has since patched this flaw. Join Our Online Security and Hosting Newsletter Today and stay updated with the latest news, updates, releases & much more….

01 Jun: PHPMyAdmin and MS-SQL servers infected with crypto coin rootkit

Over 50,000 servers around the world have been infected with crypto-coin-mining malware scripts attacking Windows MS-SQL and PHPMyAdmin worldwide. Join Our Online Security and Hosting Newsletter Today and stay updated with the latest news, updates, releases & much more. Subscribe Email I agree to the Privacy Policy and would…

24 May: Another vulnerability found in WP Live Chat Support plugin

Researchers have found a serious bug in the WP Live Chat Support plugin. This is the second time in six weeks that a vulnerability has been found in the plugin which is being used on thousands of WordPress websites. The latest bug allows hackers to inject their own code…

20 May: cPanel TSR-2019-0003 security update

  cPanel has released new builds for all public update tiers of the cPanel control panel. These updates provide targeted changes to address security concerns with the cPanel & WHM product. These builds are currently available to all customers via the standard update system. Join Our Online Security and…

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15 May: Linux kernel vulnerability allows for remote code execution

A large number of Linux based systems are likely vulnerable due to a high-impact race condition flaw that was found in the Linux kernel. Kernel versions prior to 5.0.8 are affected by this vulnerability (CVE-2019-11815), which resides in rds_tcp_kill_sock in net/rds/tcp.c. “There is a race condition leading to a…

08 May: New high performance Linux KVM VPS lineup

We are pleased to announce our new summer 2019 high performance Linux KVM VPS lineup! Our proprietary web hosting products and virtual private servers have already developed a strong reputation for blending power with affordability. Now imagine that power, only even faster and more reliable. This is the reality…

07 May: vulnerability discovered in WooCommerce Checkout Manager

A vulnerability in a popular WordPress plugin called the WooCommerce Checkout Manager is potentially putting more than 60,000 websites at risk, researchers say. The WooCommerce Checkout Manager plugin allows WooCommerce users to customize and manage the fields on their checkout pages. The plugin, owned by Visser Labs, is separate…

17 Feb: Another WordPress commercial plugin gets exploited

And yet another WordPress commercial plugin gets exploited in the wild, as Wordfence security analysts identified attackers exploiting vulnerabilities in outdated versions of a commercial WordPress plugin since the end of january. In this case the fairly popular WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder plugin developed by Loopus…

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