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11 Jan: MKcert – issue valid TLS certificates for localhost

In the last few years Google have been actively promoting but also mandating a move to a secure web. However, HTTPS apps and websites require TLS certificates, and while deployment is increasingly a solved issue thanks to Let’s Encrypt and their ACME protocol, development still mostly ends up happening…

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11 Jan: Security holes discovered in SystemD toolkit

Security researchers at Qualys have disclosed three vulnerabilities that affect a system service part of SYSTEMD, the popular but controversial Linux system and service manager. SystemD is available for most Linux based operating systems and could allow unprivileged local attackers or malicious programs to gain root access on the…

09 Jan: WordPress and plugin vulnerabilities Tripled in 2018

Researchers at Imperva have found that the overall number of new vulnerabilities in Content Management Systems in 2018 (17,142) has increased by 21% compared to 2017 (14,082) and by 159% compared to 2016 (6,615). WordPress-related vulnerabilities have exploded and have seen a staggering 300% increase in 2018 compared to…

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07 Jan: Webfonts used in phishing attack

Researchers at Proofpoint recently discovered an active credential harvesting phishing scheme. Once a victim has clicked on the initial phishing email, the resulting landing page looked similar as a login page for a major U.S. bank. In reality the page is bent on stealing banking customers’ credentials. The phishing…

06 Jan: Let’s Encrypt Vs Commercial SSL : A Comparison

No doubt you’ve heard of Google’s updates regarding HTTPS, and their ongoing quest to create a more secure internet for us to inhabit. Back in 2014, an announcement was made by Google that the websites served through ‘HTTPS’ will secure better SEO rankings. Join Our Online Security and Hosting…

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06 Jan: New unCaptcha 2 bypasses Google reCAPTCHA once again

Researchers from the University of Maryland recently defeated Google’s reCAPTCHA 2 audio challenge system with the unCAPTCHA 2 proof of concept which bypasses the latest version of reCAPTCHA with 91% accuracy as of January, 2019. Join Our Online Security and Hosting Newsletter Today and stay updated with the latest…

04 Jan: Security updates for Adobe Acrobat and Reader

 Adobe’s first round of security updates for 2019 resolve two critical flaws for Adobe Acrobat and Reader for Windows and MacOS. These updates address critical vulnerabilities, CVE-2018-16011 and CVE-2018-19725. Join Our Online Security and Hosting Newsletter Today and stay updated with the latest news, updates, releases & much…

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02 Jan: Linux in 2019 – What can we expect?

Linux in 2019 – What can we expect? Kernel 5.0, growing dominance in AI and IoT, and more Linux is master of the back-end. Every year the operating system becomes faster, more flexible and safer. Let us look forward to some of the highlights that we can expect in…

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