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29 Sep: Bash Latest Patch / Status Update

According to a Google Security Researcher who was able to defeat all of the current patches and make the vulnerability easier to exploit, they are now recommending the following unofficial patch until it is pushed upstream: Further Information: “,further-flaws-render-shellshock-patch-ineffective.aspx source: hostingseclist Join Our Online Security and Hosting Newsletter…

25 Sep: Bash Security Update(s) Issued

We have been made aware of a serious security vulnerability in Bash that affects multiple operating systems and applications. Join Our Online Security and Hosting Newsletter Today and stay updated with the latest news, updates, releases & much more. Subscribe Email I agree to the Privacy Policy and would…

25 Jun: SimFS (VZ / OpenVZ) Exploit

Urgent Action Required Looks like there is already a public exploit for the SimFS (VZ / OpenVZ) vulnerabilities that were disclosed today. The exploit will allow a malicious user to obtain any file from another container, making this a very serious vulnerability. Updates should be applied as soon as…

05 Jun: OpenSSL security updates issued

An update for OpenSSL was just released to address various security vulnerabilities and it is recommended that you update as soon as possible. More information can be found on this page. source:hostingseclist Join Our Online Security and Hosting Newsletter Today and stay updated with the latest news, updates, releases…

20 May: cPanel Security Updates Issued

TSR-2014-0004 cPanel has released new builds for all public update tiers. These updates provide targeted changes to address security concerns with the cPanel & WHM product. These builds are currently available to all customers via the standard update system. cPanel has rated these updates as having security impact levels…

06 May: 40 Free Open Source network monitoring tools

Introduction Network monitoring has become a key responsibility of the network administrator. Administrators have a multitude of choices from open-source and freeware network monitoring software to commercial network monitoring tools. Network monitoring tools monitor associated systems for slow and failing components and notify the network administrators via emails, SMS…

06 May: EasyApache Security Update released

cPanel, Inc. has released EasyApache 3.24.18 with PHP versions 5.5.12 and 5.4.28. This release addresses the PHP vulnerability CVE-2014-0185 with the fix to a bug in the FPM package. We encourage all PHP users to upgrade to PHP version 5.5.12 or PHP version 5.4.28. Join Our Online Security and…

25 Apr: Nagios Remote Plugin Executor Vulnerability

Nagios is an open source computer system monitoring, network monitoring and infrastructure monitoring software application. Nagios offers monitoring and alerting services for servers, switches, applications, and services. It alerts the users when things go wrong and alerts them a second time when the problem has been resolved. Join Our…

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