What type of documentation does Symantec require for Extended Validation SSL Certificates?

If we cannot automatically authenticate your company's management responsibility for the domain name that is associated with the SSL Certificate, we will require an authorization letter from that domain's owner. This step prevents applicants from fraudulently or accidentally obtaining SSL Certificates for inappropriate domains.

In addition to the requirements described above, a legal opinion letter may be required to confirm that the requestor has the authority to obtain SSL Certificate(s) on behalf of the company. The legal opinion letter also may be used to confirm the organization registration, organization address, telephone number, domain ownership, and the organization’s business status.

The physical address may, alternatively, be confirmed by a physical site visit.

Once confirmed, the requestor may be able to purchase additional SSL Certificates based on the original letter. If a legal opinion letter cannot be obtained, our Certification Practice Statement outlines alternate authentication and verification processes.

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