.nz domains

The following policies are applicable for .NZ domain names:

  1. Woktron Web Hosting provides Registration services under the following extensions:
  • .CO.NZ (for organizations pursuing commercial aims and purposes)
  • .NET.NZ (for organizations and service providers directly related to the NZ Internet)
  • .ORG.NZ (for non-profit organizations)
  • .NZ domain names can only contain alphabets a to z, numbers 0 to 9 and hyphens. However, domain names cannot have two hyphens in the third place. The minimum length permitted is 1 character while the maximum length is 63 characters (excluding the .NZ extension).
  • A .NZ domain name will not have any Money Back Period.
  • The total number of Name Servers and Child Name Servers taken together should not exceed 10 in case of a .NZ domain name.
  • Each Child Name Server under a .NZ domain name can have only one IPv4 Address associated with it.
  • In case of a .NZ domain name, only the Registrant Contact information needs to be provided and hence, the Contact Details view will display only the Registrant Contact. However, a Whois of a .NZ domain name will also display an Administrative Contact and a Technical Contact, both these Contacts enlisting details as those of the Registrant Contact.
  • Privacy Protection is not supported for .NZ domain names.
  • Domain locking is not supported for .NZ domain names.
  • A .NZ domain name will not have any Renewal Grace Period. It will be deleted upon Expiry, if not renewed.
  • The only circumstance where a .NZ domain name cannot be transferred is when it is less than 5 days old or has a Lock applied by the Registry to it.
  • Redemption Grace Period for a .NZ domain name is 90 days. Moreover, there is no Pending Delete period. The domain name will be straightaway released for fresh registration post the Redemption Grace Period.
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