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Buy .tel to help communicate online

.tel allows customers to centralize all of their contact information within the only, real-time global directory. Users can store, update and publish all of their contact information, web links and keywords directly on the internet with their own unique .tel domain. It's simple, fast and accessible from any Internet-enabled device, .tel provides a new internet standard to take full control over how and where people can reach you, whether you're a business trying to reach potential customers or an individual.

  • A solution to be accessible from anywhere! .tel sites are accessible from any Internet-enabled device including traditional cell phones, Blackberry's, iPhones, PDAs, computers, and more.
  • No website experience is needed. Customers don't have to design, host, or manage a Website in order to create a .tel site.
  • Protect privacy. A .tel site allows users to control what information is publicly viewable and what is private.

A perfect solution for Individuals and Businesses

.tel is the perfect solution to help you stay in contact with the world (via mail, email, phone, cell, fax, skype, instant messenger, social networking sites, and more), you can post all your contact information to one easily accessible place.

The .tel delivers:

  • Integration of any and all means of communication (i.e. Phone numbers, IM, VOIP, email, social media).
  • Real-time publishing of your contact information on the internet.
  • Full ownership of your published data.
  • Protection of your private data, only viewable by people you authorize.
  • Simple structured navigation to easily reach the most relevant information.
  • High speed global access optimized for mobile devices.
  • Multi-language, search engine-friendly structured information, and keywords.

Frequently Asked Questions

I just bought a .tel domain, how long does it take for it to become live?
The registry updates their files every six hours, so it may take up that long after purchase for a .tel domain to become active.

What are the restrictions on a .tel domain?
There are no restrictions, any person or business anywhere in the world can register a .tel domain name.

Can I protect my private data?
.tel not only gives you the flexibility to update your contact information on the fly, it also lets you control what information is publicly viewable. You can even segment which individuals have access to different pieces of your private information.

For what term can I buy a .tel domain?
You can register .tel domain names for up to 10 years.

How do transfers work?
You may transfer a .tel domain just like any other gTLD, however, once the domain is in the account it will not become active until it is associated to a CTH account. In other words, it will lose the CTH account from the losing registrar.

Why can't any value added services be used with .tel domains?
All nameservers and host records are controlled by the registry, so no VAS can be used with .tel domain names at this time.

Why is there preconfiguration information needed?
This information is required to set up the account in the Community Tel Hosting (CTH) area. A .tel account in the CTH will not resolve and the domain create will not complete the registration process until an account has been successfully created.

Can I transfer or sell a .tel domain name?
You can sell or transfer a .tel domain just as you would with other domain names.

What is .tel?
The .tel is a service that allows individuals and businesses alike to store and manage all their contact information and keywords directly in the DNS without the need to build, host or manage a website. For more information, see .tel for businesses and .tel for individuals.

Why is .tel different than other Top Level Domains (TLDs)?
The value of a .tel domain lies with the ability to host personal (or corporate) contact information directly in the DNS, which can then be universally accessible. This stands in contrast to the typical use of the DNS for other TLDs, in which the DNS only provides a mapping between domain names and IP addresses.

What is a NAPTR record?
A Naming Authority PoinTeR Record (or NAPTR) is a standard DNS resource record that allows storage of contact information (URIs) within DNS. They are defined in more detail as part of RFC 3403.

How are NAPTR records stored?
They are contained within a DNS server, such as BIND or PowerDNS.

Does the reseller need to install any additional software on its DNS servers?
The .tel domain is all about controlling the contact information held in the NAPTR records. The majority of common DNS servers support the storage of NAPTRs, but don't allow end-users to control them.

Where do I go once i have purchased a .tel domain name to configure my information?
All .tel domain owners must go to https://account.telhostingpanel.com to fill in the rest of their information. Username and password are created during the domain purchase process.

What can .tel do for my business?
With a .tel, you can:

  • Route customers to appropriate departments and locations
  • Increase online discoverability
  • Connect with your customers from any device
  • Gain an effective mobile presence
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