How to navigate UPMON server monitoring


DIrect Link

Logged in users with an active UPMON service can find a direct link named "Uptime Monitor" on the top menu bar as seen in the image below.


You will be taken to the UPMON services page, where you can see your UPMON services and their current status. The "Manage" button takes you to the page where you can configure your monitors.




Access via Services Page

Alernatively you can find UPMON also by navigating to your services page:

A) click on the Services > My Services menu item in the top menu bar.

B) click on the services box on the "Overview" page of your client panel account.



You will then see a list of all available services you have with us


Select the UPMON service by clicking on the "Manage" button or by clicking on the service name. You will be taken to the product page, where you can find the status of the service as well as a link to the management page.

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