How to connect to your KVM for out-of-band management

For access to out-of-band management  for your dedicated servers, an OpenVPN connection is required.

No configuration is required: A OpenVPN profile can be downloaded from the downloads section of your client panel account at You can find this section under services > my services in the left sidebar.

Once you’ve downloaded the profile (.ovpn file), you’ll need an OpenVPN client which will use the downloaded profile to connect to the remote access VPN.

For your convenience we explain how to install our recommended OpenVPN clients hereafter:


Installing and running OpenVPN client on Windows

  1. Use the windows download link on
  2. In explorer, go to C:\Program files\Openvpn\bin\ and right-click openvpn.exe and select Properties. On the ‘compatibility’ tab, under the ‘Privilege level’ section, set “Run this program as an administrator”.
  3. Once you’ve installed the OpenVPN client, you can right-click on the downloaded profile in Windows Explorer, and choose Start OpenVPN on this config file

Once you’re done using the VPN, you can simply close the window that opened in step 2.


Installing and running OpenVPN client on MacOS

  1. Use the download link on
  2. Use Tunnelblick’s “Quick Start guide” to import the profile that you’ve downloaded from


Connecting to the out-of-band management console of your server

Once you have established a connection to our remote management network using the explanation above, you should be able to connect to the remote management console of your server by entering the provided IP address into your browser.

Login credentials are required to enter the management console. You also have the ability to connect to the server via SSH.

Note that not all dedicated servers are provided with a management IP or with remote management access.

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