How do I transfer my existing domain name to Woktron?

There are no charges for domain transfers to Woktron Web Hosting; however we will send you an invoice for renewal of your domain for another year. This is a requirement of all domain registrars.

You can use the instructions below to transfer a domain name from your current registrar to Woktron Web Hosting.

After the transfer has been completed, your domain name will be renewed for another year.

Your current registrar will send an email to the current Administrative contact for your domain name. That person must "approve" the transfer, otherwise the transfer will be declined.

In order to transfer a domain between registrars, a domain must meet the following requirements:

  1. Domain is 60 days or older: Domains must have existed for 60 days or longer. New domain registrations cannot be transferred until this time has passed.
  2. Domain is Unlocked: The domain name must not have a Lock on it. You must contact the current domain name registration company for the domain name to have locks removed. If a domain is in REGISTRAR-LOCK, REGISTRAR-HOLD, REGISTRY-LOCK, REGISTRY-HOLD, "EXPIRED", REDEMPTION PERIOD or PENDING DELETE status, the global registries will not allow registrar transfer.
  3. Domain Authorization Code: For most types of domains, you require a specific Authorization Code for the domain name to authorize the transfer. The current domain name registration company can provide this to you, however it may also be obtained within their web-based interfaces online. For more information see this page.
  4. Valid Administrative Contact: For most types of domains, you must have a valid and functional Administrative Contact email address to receive the transfer confirmation notification emails. It's a good idea to turn off your anti-SPAM email filters while the domain transfers in order to receive these emails. If this email address is invalid and no longer works, you will need to update it through your current domain name registration company.

Transferring Your Domain

  1. Please review the Pre-Transfer Checklist above.
  2. go to this page (make sure that you are logged into your account).
  3. Enter your domain in the text field in the center of the page and click Search.
  4. Click the transfer button, then click the continue button.
  5. If you would like to purchase the ID protection that comes with the service you can check the box in the addons section.
  6. Enter the EPP Key you received from your current registrar.
  7. Configure nameservers to be used (optional).
  8. Read through the Domain Registration Agreement and the Terms of Service and check the box to confirm that you read and agree to the terms and agreement.

After submitting the request you will receive an authorization email to the registrant email address on the domain. Respond to this accordingly with your confirmation.

Domain registration transfers usually take 5 to 7 days to process.

The domain transfer needs to be initiated at your current registrar, we have no control over this

Please contact us if you need assistance with transferring your domain name.

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