What are the Woktron Nameserver addresses?

Woktron operate a redundant, clustered DNS, in order to ensure reliable and fast resolving of your domains.

Despite the type of account you have with Woktron, the welcome email which was sent when you signed up for web hosting will contain the name servers listed for your hosting account. These name servers can be used on all sites that are hosted on your Woktron web hosting account.



To ensure your existing domain name points to your Woktron web hosting account you’ll need to login to your Domain Registrar and point the nameservers to Woktron’s nameservers. Your Domain Registrar is the place where you purchased your domain name from (ex: GoDaddy, Network Solutions, Enom, Register.com, Woktron, etc.).

If you have purchased your domain from us, you can set your nameservers from within our control panel. Just login and head for the domain section. Select the domain you wish to change and proceed by entering the correct nameservers as listed in your welcome mail or below:


Nameserver Host Name IP Address
Nameserver 1 ns1.woktron.com
Nameserver 2 ns2.woktron.com
Nameserver 3 ns3.woktron.com

Please note: Pointing a domain name to a new set of nameservers can take anywhere from a few hours to 72 hours. This delay occurs because it takes some time to reflect this update globally, across the Internet.

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