Can I transfer my domain to another provider?

Yes. You are free to move your domain name to another provider if you wish.

There is no charge whatsoever made by us for transfers or any amendments made to your domains. However, before moving to another domain name provider, we recommend you read the small print of the other domain name provider. Some registration companies will have hidden costs such as transfer fees and administration charges.

If you transfer your domain away from us, then we shall no longer have any control over it and you would need to contact your new provider if you wish to make any further amendments to it in the future and you would also pay your new providers to renew the domain (so you would miss out on our cheap domain fees!).

If you only wish to host your website elsewhere, then it is possible to leave the domain with us and just change the nameservers for the domain, so that the domain points to your hosting company's servers for hosting. You would then pay us for future domain renewal fees. If you wish to change the nameservers (sometimes referred to as DNS) for your domain, then this can be done through your client panel account, in the manage DNS section.

.com, .net, .org, .biz and .info domain names cannot be transferred within the first 60 days of being registered, or within 60 days of being transferred from another registrar.


How to transfer your domain?

Login to your control panel at

  • Select Domains >> Registered Domains > Domainname > Set/Unset Registrar Lock
  • This will also usually issue the EPP key for the domain name via email
  • From here you will have to ensure that the receiving registrar has been setup correctly. Please read the documentation provided by the incoming registrar.

Ensure that you have the correct EPP code and also ensure that you have confirmed the transfer by replying to the e-mail that you have received on the e-mail address the domain was registered with.

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