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Thank you for choosing WOKTRON as your reseller hosting provider. Because our DirectAdmin reseller panel has so many features, we recommend that you read the documentation on this site before creating customer accounts. This page provides you with basic "getting started" information.

Understanding the Permission Classes

There are three (3) permission classes in DirectAdmin:

  • Users - are known as end customers or site owners; they are people that need hosting. They use DirectAdmin to create e-mail accounts, upload files to their site, add subdomains, etc. The User panel allows them to do this.
  • Resellers - are also Users. Resellers, however, have both a User panel to modify their own web site and a Reseller panel that allows them to create User accounts.
  • Admins - are Users and Resellers. Admins also have an Admin panel that allows them to create Resellers and manage the server.

Switching Between Your User and Reseller Panel

When you sign into DirectAdmin you will see your Reseller panel. To switch to your User panel, click the "User Panel" link at the very bottom left-hand corner of your screen. To switch back, click the "Reseller Panel" link at the very bottom left-hand corner of your screen.

Signing in as Your Customers

Resellers have the ability to sign into the control panel as one of their customers (Users). To do so, login like this:

login: your-username|customer-username
password: your-password

The character between your username and the customer username is a pipe(|). It is the symbol usually on the backslash key on your keyboard (hold down shift + backslash to get the pipe).

This feature is useful because you don't need the customer's password when they want you to check the functioning of their panel.

Setting Your E-Mail Address in the Control Panel

When you create a customer account, you can tell DirectAdmin to send an e-mail containing all account details to that customer. If you choose to use this feature, you should set the proper e-mail address in your control panel, as these automatically generated e-mails will use that address in the "From:" field (making it look like you sent the message personally).

To set this e-mail address, sign into your control panel and switch to your User panel. Click the "Statistics / Logs" icon and enter your e-mail address in the appropriate field, then click "Save."

Make a Decision about the Built-in Ticket Support System

DirectAdmin features a built-in ticket support system that allows customers to contact you directly through the control panel. If you prefer to offer support in a different way, you should disable the built-in support system before creating customer accounts.

Need more help?

Please contact WOKTRON support for more assistance, or visit the DirectAdmin support forum at

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