What is Softaculous

The Softaculous auto-installer allows the installation of web applications with the click of a button. A wide variety of applications are available to be easily installed, including web portals, e-commerce solutions, content management systems, blogs, polls, forums and more. Softaculous can take over the installations of other auto-installers. Softaculous also has an easy-to-use backup feature, allowing for the backup of installations at anytime.

A full list of of packages that can be installed via Softaculous can be found here.

Softaculous is included free of charge with all our Shared and reseller hosting accounts, and is optionally available on Linux VPS and Dedicated servers running either DirectAdmin or cPanel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is everything in Softaculous free?
No, but most of the applications are open-source and available without a cost.

Why use Softaculous to install applications?
Softaculous makes installing software packages such as WordPress and phpBB easy. Softaculous does everything involved in the installation process, including creating databases and setting up permissions on the web-viewable content. Softaculous can also create backups of the software it installs.

Can I remove applications that I install with Softaculous?
Yes, applications that installed with Softaculous can be uninstalled by Softaculous.

Can Softaculous take over software installed by Fantastico?
Yes, Softaculous can take any software installed by Fantistico, allowing Softaculous to update and backup said software. Please note, Fantistico cannot take over software that Softaculous controls so this is a one way process. Please ensure that you no longer want to use Fantastico before having Softaculous take over a Fantastico install.

Does Woktron Web Hosting support applications installed through Softaculous?
Our support team will provide best-effort support troubleshooting the installation and use of the applications. Since these applications are not developed or supported by Woktron Web Hosting, outside assistance for these applications is available through online communities or the applications' developer.

Can I install more than one program on my account?
Yes, you can install more than one program on your account. You can install programs onto subdomains, addon domains, and in separate folders.

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