What payment methods do you accept?


Credit Card

We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and Discover.

Debit cards can be used for payment as long as they have a Visa or MasterCard logo.

Pre-paid credit cards are accepted from Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

While we do not store your billing information on our servers, we take security very seriously. Our partner for payment processing collects identifying information about the devices that connect to its services. This information is used to operate and improve the services it provides to us, including for fraud detection.


Woktron Web Hosting is happy to accept PayPal payments. PayPal is one of the safest, most widely accepted ways to pay for your purchases on the Internet. It lets you use funds from either your PayPal balance, your bank account or credit card; and you can use it with confidence.


  • Ideal (Netherlands)
    The most popular payment method in the Netherlands, iDEAL is an inter-bank system covered by all major Dutch banks. iDEAL is the Dutch standard for internet payments. Dutch consumers use iDEAL to pay for their online purchases on internet through their own online banking environment.
  • Sofort (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Spain)
    Sofort is a premium online direct payment method that is widely supported across Europe and works via online banking. With over 25 million users, it is a secure and protected payment method.
  • Giropay (Germany)
    Germany’s most popular way to pay online is via real-time bank transfer, used in 51% of all online purchases. This makes Giropay, integrating over 1,500 German banks, a very popular payment method on the German market.
  • EPS (Austria)
    EPS (electronic payment standard) is an online transfer system developed jointly by the Austrian banks and Government. It provides a simple and secure process of online payments to millions of users in Austria.
  • Bancontact/Mister Cash (Belgium)
    Bancontact is the market leader for electronic payments in Belgium. Bancontact was previously known as Mister Cash.
  • Multibanco (Portugal)
    Multibanco is an interbank network in Portugal owned and operated by Sociedade Interbancária de Serviços S.A., or SIBS. Multibanco links the ATMs of 27 banks in Portugal, totaling 12,700 machines as of December 2014. The bank members of Multibanco control the SIBS. Multibanco is a fully integrated interbank network.
  • P24 (Poland)
  • Dotpay (Poland)
    Dotpay is a Polish payment service provider that can facilitate all local banks, which means that you can accept payments from consumers all over Poland without having to connect to each local provider separately. The Dotpay payment gateway also connects to dozens of local payment products, making it the most comprehensive online payments solution dedicated for Polish ecommerce.
  • Alipay (China)
    Alipay is a third-party mobile and online payment platform, established in February 2004 by the Alibaba Group and its founder Jack Ma. Alipay overtook PayPal as the world's largest mobile payment platform in 2013. As of March 31, 2018, the number of Alipay users reached 870 million.
  • Webmoney (Russia)
    WebMoney Transfer, also known as WebMoney, is a global settlement system. Since its inception in 1998 in Moscow, the payment system has gained over 40 million users worldwide. WebMoney provide financial services which offer customers a variety of banking options.
  • POLi (Australia & New Zealand)
    POLi Payments Pty Ltd (formerly known as Centricom) is an online payments company based in Melbourne, Australia. It is the developer and provider of POLi, an online payment system that is used by merchants and consumers in Australia and New Zealand. POLi Payments has been acquired by SecurePay Holdings, a fully owned subsidiary of Australia Post. POLi enables consumers to pay for goods or services directly from a merchant's website without the need for a credit card, but by using a direct connection to the user's internet banking. POLi is used by Jetstar, Virgin Australia, Air New Zealand, Sportsbet and now Woktron!

Bank Transfers

Bank Transfers allow you to submit your payment via online banking, wire transfers, phone banking, or by visiting the bank to complete payment in person using cash.

Woktron Web Hosting does accept wire transfers. When you choose to checkout with this payment method, you will be redirected to a payment page. On this payment page you will find our banking details. You can use this information to complete your payment. Your order will be marked as Pending while we wait for payment confirmation.

Please make sure to note your Woktron invoice number or main domain name on the transfer. This will assure that your wire transfer gets applied without delay, to the appropriate account.

Please note that your bank will charge a fee to transfer money via wire and Woktron Web Hosting does not cover this fee.


Woktron accept Bitcoin payments since january 2017.

Bitcoin is a decentralized P2P currency that enables instant payments. You can now use Bitcoin quickly and securely to purchase dedicated servers, virtual private servers, domains, web hosting and SSL certificates from Woktron Web Hosting.

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