Can I host adult content?


Yes, , you can publish any type of adult-related site content you wish, under the condition that the adult content is legal under French law.


It goes without saying that illegal content is not permitted on our network. If for any valid legal reason, we receive a complaint about the adult content that you have published, we will ask you to take it down.

Additionally, all of the content you publish must conform to our general publishing guidelines with regard to threatening or abusive content, and infringement of copyright. Please review our Terms of Service for more information


Have Questions?

We have a full range of hosting solutions, to suit publishers large and small. Whether you are just starting out building a website and need shared hosting, or you need a new dedicated server for a well-established, high-traffic adult site.

Please feel free to open a sales ticket or use the chat functionality of our site to talk to our sales department today, so we can match the right hosting to your needs.


Useful links:

Wikipedia entry on the legal types of pornography by region


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