Why was my order blocked?

In order for our services to remain safe and secure, all orders pass inspection by our automated fraud detection system. In addition, all flagged orders are also checked manually by our expert staff in order to determine the threat level.

If the corresponding risk score rating, which we give to all orders, turns out to be higher than our parameters, the order will be considered too risky and will be rejected.

However for this type of situation we have alternative verification methods available. For accounts to be manually verified by our staff please provide a scan or photo of ID, Passport or Drivers license by opening a ticket with our sales department.

You data will be stored encrypted and will be deleted once the period has passed that requires us to store this data. Please take a note that there is no need to worry as you are able to blank sensitive data such as ID number, and you can watermark your documents with the text For Woktron Verification Only.

If you are placing a legitimate order and you are blocked from proceeding please contact us by open a sales ticket, start a chat or give us a call and we can unblock the order pending further human verification.

In this case we are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused to you. However, this is an important process in order to protect our business and all of our current and future clients.

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