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If you have a reseller account you might like to have your own nameservers for your customer's domains instead of using our nameservers.

This is very easy to do and involves two steps:

  1. In the DNS settings for your domain you need to add ns1 and ns2 subdomains and point them at the same IP address as our nameservers. If your domain is using our nameservers (by default all domains registered with us do) then this can be done easily from the directadmin control panel. Switch to the User Level, and then under the Your Account heading find and click DNS Management. Add the following A records where "" is your domain, note that the domain entry must be followed by a period(.).
  2. Login to Directadmin -> Reseller Level -> Extra Features -> Nameservers to use your nameservers when creating new customers. To do this switch back to the Reseller Level, and then under the 'Extra Features' heading find and click 'Nameservers'. Near the bottom of the page where it says 'Set the Nameservers that will be assigned to new users' enter your new custom nameservers.

Changing existing users to your new nameservers must be done one-by-one by modifying each user.

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