When will I receive my invoice?


IMPORTANT: Your invoice will be sent to the e-mail address you registered with, so it is very important to ensure your correct email address is registered with us at all time.


New Orders

You will receive an invoice for each new service shortly after you have placed your order on our website. Your initial service order invoice date will be your regular monthly billing date.

All further service/accounts ordered will be pro-rated to that date, and then be billed regularly on that date every month (if you signed up for monthly payment).

To view your past and present product invoices, simply login to your client control panel and at the top sub menu click on "My Invoices"

Web Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Servers

Your recurring invoice will be sent to you depending on the following criteria:

  • When a monthly billing cycle is selected: invoice will be sent 7 days in advance.
  • When a quarterly billing cycle is selected: invoice will be sent 14 days in advance.
  • All other billing cycles: invoice will be sent 21 days in advance.

A final reminder will be sent 1 day prior to the due date.

Domain Registrations and Renewals

As per ICANN regulations, WOKTRON will send out a total of 5 reminders by e-mail prior and after the domain expiration date to ensure that your domain does not expire unintentionally.

  • Reminder 1: 45 days prior to expiry.
  • Reminder 2: 30 days prior to expiry.
  • Reminder 3: 7 days prior to expiry.
  • Reminder 4: 1 day prior to expiry.
  • Reminder 5: 1 day after expiry.

The invoice for your domain renewal will arrive by e-mail 21 days prior to the expiration date. Your domain can also be manually renewed earlier from our client panel.

Woktron have set the invoice due date for renewal of domains 5 days prior to the actual expiration date of your domain. This is done to avoid loss of your domain due to unforeseen circumstances.

Please ensure that we have received your payment before your domain reaches the expiration date if you want to continue using your domain name.

After the expiration date your domain will cease to function inmediately. It may be possible to renew the domain in the grace period of 30 days that follows, but this is not guaranteed. We have no control over this.

Web Development

  • Clients on retainer receive their invoice after project completion, 30 days before the due date.
  • Website development projects generally require a 50% downpayment before work is started. The final 50% is payable after project completion. A different payment schedule may be negotiated individually.

Method of Payment

Your preferred payment method can be set from each invoice you download from your client account. On this page you can download a pdf copy of your invoice as well. Your preferred method of payment can also be set in the Account Details section of your client account.

More information about the accepted payment methods can be found on this page.

Hard copy statements can be mailed per occassion for those clients that request such.

If you have any queries regarding your invoice please open a support ticket with our sales and billing department.

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