Woktron IP Address allocation policy

Woktron manages ip address assignments based on policies set forth by the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) and by IETF RFC 2050, which is the Internet's framework for rules governing the allocation and assignment of all IP addresses.
  • If you have more than one WOKTRON service, please do not attempt to utilize the allocated IP addresses on a server/service other than that which they have been specifically assigned to. Failure to do so may cause IP conflicts in the network, or may cause your exiting IPs not to function. IP addresses may be configured only to work with the specific server/service they were assigned to.


  • Clients MUST use 80% of their existing IP addresses prior to requesting an additional allocation. New customers will receive a minimal allocation based on their immediate requirement. Thereafter, the size of allocated IP address blocks may be increased based on the speed that the customer utilizes and justifies all previously allocated IP address blocks.


  • Whois: WOKTRON is required by ARIN to provide information on which entity is using the IP space. This information can be provided to ARIN either via SWIP or an RWhois server. WOKTRON documents the loan of IP addresses to a customer via a publicly available Referral WHOIS (rwhois) server. If a customer is assigned static IP addresses, the customer information will be added to our RWhois server.


  • At any time, WOKTRON may require a customer to justify its IP address allocation. If the customer is unable to do so, its ability to obtain future allocations may be jeopardized and its existing allocation may be revoked or decreased.


  • When a customer requests an IP address space allocation from WOKTRON that will be used for IP-based web hosting, the customer will need to provide technical justification as to why they are providing IP-based web hosting instead of name-based web hosting. WOKTRON is required to provide this information to ARIN. For customers requesting space for web hosting, justification should include a list of IP addresses currently being used for web hosting, and a list of domains being hosted. If IP-based hosting is being done, a list of technical reasons why named-based hosting cannot be done should be included.


The IP Address Request/Justification Form must be filled out in order to receive additional IP addresses.

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